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The Russian worldview is best explained by its collectivist origin.  Before we had a lot of modern technology, people in harsh climates had to band together and depend on each other for survival.  This mindset has pervaded throughout the centuries and can be seen in the importance Russians place on relationships. It can also be seen in a myriad of other things, including the older generation’s belief that no one should make a profit off of someone else.  Russians have also been abused by many of their leaders and others from outside Russia.  This has lead to a feeling that they can not control their circumstances.  The average Russian thinks “What will happen to me?”  This is decidedly pessimistic compared to a westerners thoughts of “What will I learn today?” or “What can I make happen?” The abuses by the people in control have also lead to a mistrust of outsiders.  Russians are very proud of their country and do not like to have its flaws exposed.  The worst thing you can do to Russians is to embarrass them.  They have a hard time admitting they are wrong and will loudly throw blame elsewhere, even when the evidence is against them.  Russian society is full of corruption from the top down.  Bribes and favors are often an accepted part to doing business in Russia.  The Russian people are searching for an identity they lost with the fall of Communism.  Their economic and societal future have been in flux sense the early 1990’s and they long for some direction and stability.  They like to hang on to old traditions as it is one of the few anchors in this tumultuous society.